Spiritual Herbalism

Becoming a spiritual herbalist has really helped me pull away from the matrix programming and toxic control I allowed my spirit to undergo for the majority of my life. After my awakening, my dark night of the soul had been long but I feel awakened by truth! Learning to respect my body instead of giving my spirit away for others to energetically deplete me was one of the most vital empowering and challenging steps I took to embrace my full potentiality in this human form. Not only do a feel a clearer sense of self or purpose in my life but I feel more hope, connection to light instead of solely controlled by the dark!

If you are interested in beginning your commitment and journey into self healing, overcoming karmic trauma, regaining memory of past lives, awakening from amnesia and connecting to true light god source then becoming a spiritual herbalist will definitely help aid and connect you to Mother Earth (a powerful, living being we are one with)! Much of Earth is currently dominated by control from demonic genetic invasion since government allows other species to intervene etherically with ours. This control is hidden and covered up with the many masks of narcissism, power, control, greed–all chains we do not have to succumb to in any shape or form. Love is stronger than fear dear brothers and sisters in light. Protecting your spirit is a constant effort and if you believe in truth, light and what is right then this commitment will be so natural and instantaneous for you. As we are having the choice now to leave 3d and enter into unconditional love 5d very soon herbalism is a great tool to regulate your body though its shifts and mutational process.

I will begin listing below here some of the sites I’ve been referencing for my herbal studies just as a place for reference, if you want to add anything comment below!