Veda Mantras


The Veda mantras, which are for universal benefit, have been preserved by the ancients, without resorting to writing, by such methods of recitation. It must be remembered that, while chanting words backwards and forwards, the swaras of each have to be properly preserved and the student learns how the combination of words affect the swaras. The Samhita Paatha and Pada Paatha are called Prakrithi ( or natural ) Paathas, as the words of the mantras occur in normal sequence. The rest are called Vikrithi ( or artificial and not natural ) Paathas. In Krama, although the words do not occur in the natural order of one, two and three, since they do not revert like one after two and two after three, it cannot be called fully Vikrithi or artificial. The Vikrithis are eight in number:

Jataa maalaa sikha rekha dhwajo dando ratho Ghanah
Ityashta vikritayah proktah kramapoorva maharshibhih

The above system of complicated recitation was devised in very earl times in order to preserve the purity of the word, sound, intonation, pronunciation, accent and sound
combination of the Vedas. By repeating the words in manifold ways, the correct tally of the words was also kept which naturally ensured the purity of the texts. To enable
the scholars to take up the difficult methods of recitation, it was even laid down that the more difficult methods of chanting earned the chanter more punya or merit.

According to the pundits, merely reading the Vedas is of no use – excepting some academic knowledge. For gaining real the spiritual benefits one must recite the Vedas or at least must listen to the Vedic recital.


It is a matter of great privilege that I am able to give you the complete recital of the four Vedas on net. Others have put several verses of the Vedas but this is the 1st time the complete four Vedas are available on net. Editing the total 205 MP3 files, of 922 Mbs, making these 205 pages and links and uploading was a back breaking work but it has given me a lot of satisfaction. I hope and I am sure that you will enjoy listening to these recital, handed down from generation to generation since thousands of years.


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