Tänk på Döden // Stockholm Darkness

Tänk på Döden a night created by Elisabeth Jensen Bünger runs Bored To Death Bookings making special evenings of music in Stockholm. She invited my band  Ēv of Isis to perform along side some very talented projects including newly formed Swedish band Anna Norburg and the very favorited Danish band Of The Wand And The Moon. The evening was complemented by Stockholm Darkness a full esoteric market collective of artists and vendors. Read more about who all was involved and take a listen here of a playlist created with feelings towards this event.

Pictured above is the lovely Alchemillas Apotek featuring the work Lisa Gabrielle Jeannin who resides in her home the forest of Hakebo, Sweden. Harvesting from the wild and organically growing from her garden most of the plants she works with. She takes the herbs and assists them though a transformative process into becoming a Spagyric elixr prepared with traditional Alchemical practice and ceremony. From her I purchased the Pan Elixr (pictured above) which I’m very excited to try! Here is her description:

The Elixir of Pan 

“This is a powerful elixir that may release creative forces. Awaken your inner Pan, God of Nature and your guide through the wilderness. Spagyric tincture of Alchemilla (Lady´s mantle) and dewdrops collected by Alchemilla when the superbloodmoon was in aries, oregano, lemon balm, lemonverbena, horny goat weed , nettle and elderberry. Hydrosol of oregano the purified and extracted mineral salts of the above mentioned herbs. The elixir was created in a ceremony in the wild where eagles, ravens and dragonflies joined. The moon was in sagitarius. Later the elixir was completed under the super bloodmoon in aries and under the supermoon in taurus. The pralines contain the elixir, a syrup made of lemonbalm and lemonverbenainfused cream in the ganache.”

Follow Jack Ankersen’s work on instagram @jack_ankersen he is a tattoo artist in Stockholm available for appointments and has prints of his work on sale on his etsy HERE!

VILDA VAXTER visits sacrificing wells and runes, wildflower meadows and deep pine forests. With knowledge passed through the ages, Kerstin and Pax gather aromatic and wild medicinal plants. Creating thier own range of natural skin care, bring the secrets of the wilderness. They had a wonderful array of creations from soaps, oils to balms. It was so special walking into her table and chatting with her briefly feeling a warm aura of security I quickly purchased her soap which smells so delightful!

Erika Peterdotter has her own shop for her creations in Stockholm 🙂

Art for sale by N A T T S K I F T E T T

House on Fire Jewelry

Trinidad Carrillo

Anna Norburg performing

Louise Erdman electric guitarist of Anna Norburg before the set

Anna, Louise and Frieda about to go on stage 🙂

Members of OTWATM about to go on stage

#1 Groupie award going to Danny representing Sallies abroad

OTWATM performing a lovely set for their fans 😉

Ev of Isis set list

Ev of Isis performing Stella Perish and Josefin Hinders, you can view some of the set on YouTube here.

 Sleeping in the Hinders home is always nice to look at 😉

Before leaving we dined 100% vegan at anarchist Kafe 44 then headed to Berlin!


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