LoveRiot Warehouse Show

Our very first booth event as COSMIC KOVEN (a conscious collective) was tonight in a secrete wearhouse space in Bushwick, we were very greatful to finally come together and bring a dream to physical life. We love mother Gaia, we see her life force in each other–the branches of trees in our lovers eyes. We wish to cast the spell of life unto the hearts of others though peace, unconditional love, hebalism, veganism (as we wish not to harm any of the many creatures energie forces bestowed before us), depolarization, unity consciousness, ascension and vibrational harmony as we are all one with the tide we still feel this modern era, with our ways of life though both darkness and light.

Violet lighting frankincense to consecrate our healing space and invite love.

Juicing with our favorite add ons ashgawanda, maca, chlorella and Swedish bitters– we offered also turmeric and ginger shots throughout the evening. Selenite Angel crystals were for sale.


Stazi giving me her cards to shuffle, and thereafter slapping me with the face of judgement as my final card :p

Stazi and Violet collaborated on a few wonderful psychic oils which were available this evening (an astral oil and a love Venus oil) they also created these magnificent astral gateway/ faerie communication herbal dream pillows, which not only aid vivid dreams but provide protection in the dream state! They also made two tisanes a brain tonic and a Kali Wombyn blend for women’s health, which were so delicious!

Violet being receptive to a seductress who approached us asking to do reiki trade for reading, but rather maybe Violet was reiking her self, the mystery of the the trade is still unsolved haha!

Thank you for all who supported us on the beginning of this journey for us to share our light and connect with one another we are so excited to continue our collaborations in health, esoteric wisdom and truth. If you are interested in joining our mailing list soon we are creating one so send me an email we will let you know about our upcoming events and how to purchase these products of course! + Blessed Be +


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