Preparing the body for Ascension

By Mary Mageau

Enjoying reading her pdf this morning it’s covering techniques and explanations from many different angles of the Ascension process.

Read her work here: Preparing the body for Ascension 


(Above) dipiction of Egyptian goddess Hathor-Sekhmet

This transformation can be extremely difficult on us as we are literally undergoing a change of who we are, with our DNA constantly upgrading and on our way to  cristalline our body takes a major toll. For me personally, my symptoms leave me very perplexed as I’m experiencing many pains of which seemingly appear from no where. My body cannot process things as it used to. I experience extreme tension headaches which last for days (mostly a reaction to clashing auras / being exposed to lower frequencies in the home). For us lightworkers it is a daily battle to transmute the dark to light, to aid ourselves in this transition and submit to our own divinity makes this road less traveled seem effortless.

If you make the choice to reject suffering it will be the best choice you’ve ever made. Replace dishonoring your body with nourishing your soul vehicle. The longer you spend time degenerating your body with any use of alcohol or any form of synthetic/ pharmaceutical drugs (even weed for me personally), creates disharmony. It’s been a long time for some of us. It feels our dark night of the soul cast a shadow so deep as our patterns of “dealing” with reality held together though the form of vices and crutches.

We are beautiful and vulnerable fragile beings, truly unique although in this day and age we easily sign away our sovereignty with our failure to fully realize our expansive magnitude of potential. We deserve to embrace all our abilities as clairvoyant, psychic divine multidimensional entities. The 3D brings many lessons, how to touch and feel and experience our world physically, but we were raised into thinking that was all that there is. We must break the chains of this power play and become our own masters, not the puppet. Seek truth in all you do and look deep within yourself and into the souls of which surround you. Challenge yourself to recognize your ego to release your 3D way of thought. (I have a diary of when my most low vibrational thoughts need to come out, I read it later and release that way of thought). Reprogram yourself to “think higher” love unconditionally to all humans all animals all living things. This October’s Hunter Moon brings us Libra Unity energy, tap into it! Use it!

I challenge myself to fully commit to the detox my body deserves. I recognize my soul light has been repressed by my lack of respect for my own truth and divinity. I transmute my trauma and send it back to source. I remind myself to ask myself what can I do for others–instead of what can they do for me? I commit my consciousness to undergo paradigm shift which will raise my vibration to its intended natural purity. I thrive in peace and serenity when I nourish my body. Love and Light 222. +Stella+Perish+


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